What are you looking for?

Footprint Deep Dive – If you’re looking for Footprint only techniques, concepts, and strategies, then this is what you want.  In this 10 part video course we take you from basic to advanced.  Understand how to trade with the Footprint from the creators of the Footprint.

Trading Room – If it’s daily analysis and real time updated levels of support and resistance, then this is for you.  Listen and watch from someone who has been from the trading floor to a real Chicago Prop firm.  Follow the markets from the right edge on.    

Edge – If it’s the most unique and comprehensive trading education in the world you’re after, then the Edge is for you.  Why is it unique?  Where do you find a program that host live meetings once a  week AND introduces you to other members in a live interactive office.  In this virtual trading office, Edge members, talk, listen, share ideas, keep more eyes and ears on the markets and keep you off the trading island of loneliness.

Chicago Trading Workshop [HD recorded] –  From our live July event in Chicago, come watch every session in this recorded course, broken down by speaker.  Our event focused on executing Market Profile with the Footprint as the tool to read order flow.  We also had 2 segments from Dr. Brett Steenbarger on trading psychology. [Limited time product]


Nobody should trade on an island. This website brings proprietary firm content to every member.  What’s unique about this site is that you can’t go wrong wherever you choose to start.  The value of our products is their blend of unique content, delivery, and overall sense of community.