Where Should I Start?

Take a free trial to the Trading Room and receive bonus Edge videos.  These are 2 separate products.  You DO NOT need to be an Edge course member to subscribe to the Trading Room.  

Nobody should trade on an island. The Edge brings proprietary firm content to every member. What’s unique about the Edge is that you can’t go wrong wherever you choose to start.  Traders with a higher level of knowledge can still find interesting content in Track 1.  However, if a trader has a novice level of trading knowledge, Track 2 will still be comprehensible. The value of the Edge is its blend of unique content, delivery, and overall sense of community.

Edge Course


Track 1 | Knowledge Level Beginner | What is trading?

The basics of why trading exists and how individuals make a living at it. Go to Track 1 >  

Track 2 | Knowledge Level Intermediate | Ready to learn more?

For all levels of experience, come dig a little deeper and see how other individuals try to trade these markets.  The right and wrong ways! Go to Track 2 >  

Track 3 | Knowledge Level All | Let’s start trading!

Taking the concepts and turning them into trading techniques.  If you were hired by a professional trading company, what would they teach you? Go to Track 3 >  

Track 4  | Knowledge Level All | Weekly Coaching Sessions!

You’re invited to these live sessions every week to keep you on track!  Don’t worry if you can’t make it live because each session is recorded and uploaded to your own private portal. Go to Track 4>  

Track 5 | Knowledge Level All | Trading Clips!

Instead of only telling you what to look for WE SHOW you.  These 2 minute video clips show exactly what to look for to read and trade using ORDER FLOW! Go to Track 5>  

Track 6 | Knowledge Level All | BONUS!

You want to trade alone, be our guest.  But, if you want the experience of a live virtual prop office, then the VIRTUAL OFFICE is for you.  As a bonus, we have included this virtual office Track.  In this members only area you get to chat with other like minded traders, so everyone has more eyes and ears on what matters! Go to Track 6>