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You already have a consumer skill set.  You use this skill to value price everyday.  This website’s whole purpose is to take that consumer skill set then simply re-apply that into a professional trading style.  If you were hired by a professional trading company, what would they teach you?  Professional trading companies [Proprietary Firms] don’t teach indicators or technical analysis.  They don’t teach what you’ll find online. What’s unique about the Edge is the content, the delivery, and the community.  We’ve taken a prop firm environment and brought it into your living room.  Our vision has always been to give individuals the same opportunity they would have with a professional prop group.  We’ve broken this essential program into 6 tracks.

No matter what your knowledge or skill level… there’s a place for you to start right here. Trading at a prop firm has always been the venue of professional day trading.  When we started, they provided us with an invaluable education.  That learning was done by default.  Just by being in a prop group, you learned from lunch room conversations, morning briefings, review sessions, or just desk to desk banter. This type of education did not exist unless you were physically in an office.

Today, it’s easy to open a brokerage account and lose your money, but it’s not so easy to learn what a prop group would teach you. Come join us!  Find out for yourself about the uniqueness of our content and compare it to what you are used to!  Discover how it is delivered in a way that fits how we are all used to understanding and developing a skill.  Finally, find out why you will never be alone again.  Community has always been the cornerstone for discovery.  Here at the Edge, you are constantly engaged with professional traders and members who were ex-retail traders.  Come see how they are implementing what you’re about to embark on.


You are on the Edge of success…Welcome!