Take your Trading to the Next Level

We offer 3 distinct trading education products.

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Featured Product - Limited Time

Full 3 Day Course
HD Recording

Take your trading to the next level with Market Profile, Order Flow, and Trading Psychology. 3 days, 4 world class speakers.

Footprint Deep Dive

Everything You Need o Know About the Footprint
This is a comprehensive 10 video course that teaches all about the Footprint – Basic to Advanced.


Everything You Need to Know About Trading

Unique blend of trading education, community & weekly mentoring.

Trading Room

Daily Market Analysis

Real time analysis of the Footprint®, profile, inter-market correlations, and EZ Levels.

Professional Trading Education

This website offers comprehensive trading education programs.  The Trading Room shows you how to pick better locations and when to pick them.  The Footprint Deep Dive is a 10 video course all about the Footprint and how to use it to trade order flow. The MarketDelta Edge is an educational program that brings traders together – to master together.

Looking for a live seminar? From time to time we host these live events and record them. Our most recent was a 3 day event held in Chicago – Chicago Trading Workshop.

If you were hired by a professional trading company, what would they teach you?  Professional trading companies [Proprietary Firms] don’t teach indicators or technical analysis. What they do teach is how to take your consumer skill set and apply it to trading professionally. This website has taken this approach and created online trading courses and a unique trading community.